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Shooting at Campus North: SWOSU athlete arrested

Updated: Jan 8

Kingsley Ehiemua's Twitter profile picture.

By Johannes Becht

News Editor

After a shooting at the Campus North Apartments on Tuesday afternoon, the Weatherford Police Department arrested Kingsley Ehiemua, a SWOSU athlete, according to the Weatherford Daily News.

"According to police records Kingsley Ehiemua, 19 of Fort Worth, Texas, was arrested following the incident on suspicion of armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. (...) Ehiemua is listed as a redshirt freshmen quarterback at SWOSU."

Police investigation has revealed that the suspect had a gun and shot the victim. The victim then pulled his gun and shot the suspect. Both people were taken to the hospital and were then transferred to Oklahoma City.

Police car in front of Campus North apartments. Photos: Johannes Becht.

Tuesday, Oct 27, 5:36 p.m.: SWOSUalert - active shooter!

Every SWOSU student who signed up for the alert system got the following text message: "active shooter lock campus at once active shooter Campus North." It meant the Campus North apartments.

SWOSU students hiding in the cafeteria after an active shooter alarm.

Active shooter - high alert - immediate lockdown!

Following that message, the whole Weatherford campus went into a lockdown which eventually lasted more than 40 minutes.

How did you experience the lockdown? We want to publish your story! Let us know - send us an email to mediaswosu@gmail.com or via our social media:





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