• Jordan Salamy

Smash Tournament at Black Kettle Hall

Updated: May 6

By Jordan Salamy

For The Southwestern

The Smash Ultimate Tournament was hosted in Black Kettle Hall on Thursday, Feb. 18. The event was hosted by residential advisors Tommy Ngyuen and Drake Koelsch.

On the topic of why Koelsch wanted to host the tournament, he said, “I knew of a good number of residents who enjoy playing it and figured it would have a good turnout. It was also just a fun way to give some people a break from studying and get them out of their rooms to come socialize and have fun playing a video game with their friends and other residents.”

Nguyen, who is in his third year as an RA, spoke on the topic of having tournaments with COVID protocols.

“Everyone who came to the tournament was compliant to our COVID protocols, so it was relatively easy hosting the event. There’s more effort put in reinforcing the rules, but I wouldn’t say hosting tournaments have become more difficult. The only thing that has made this tournament difficult is this week's weather, as competitors had to travel in the snow to participate.”

The tournament, which included eight competitors, ended with a win by Brice Brown of Black Kettle Hall.

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