• Jesse Miller

Staying safe and giving thanks

Updated: Jan 15

By Jesse Miller

For The Southwestern

Southwestern Oklahoma State University encourages students to continue to stay safe during Thanksgiving Break while traveling and going home this holiday season.

Here at SWOSU, students are being sent home during Thanksgiving and will continue classes completely virtual until Winter Break.

“When students go home, they need to remember to still continue following the CDC guidelines,” Haden Branch, junior at SWOSU, said.

Branch, a SWOSU baseball player, said he wishes nothing more than to have a baseball season. He was supposed to be a senior this year. However, due to the pandemic, he received an extra year of eligibility.

“It’s not only important for student athletes to participate in the coronavirus guidelines, but for all students, faculty, and people because everyone plays a vital role in the results of SWOSU having spring sports and games for everyone to encounter,” Branch said.

“Over this Thanksgiving break and holiday season,” Kassie Shelton added, “It's crucial to continue following all guidelines that students have to follow here on campus while they’re away being home during the break and vacations.”

“Although we will be virtual, we still will be making contact with other people during family gatherings and other activities such as holiday activities, dinners, and Black Friday. Students should be encouraged to continue wearing their masks everywhere they go, staying 6 feet apart, and making sure they’re always sanitizing,” Shelton said.

Many students here on campus are completely following the rules set in place due to the pandemic. However, some have a different viewpoint. According to Nate Postlewhait, the coronavirus is everywhere and there are hot-spots all over the country.

“My friends traveled all summer and none of them acquired the virus when it was the most pivotal time, but when they came to SWOSU, they contracted it by going to class and being on campus.

“All students should continue following the rules in respect of other people and to continue all of SWOSU’s activities in route and running smoothly,” he said. “I hope everyone stays safe and is smart during this holiday season and when coming back on campus in order to keep our campus safe and protected.”

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