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Struggling with time management?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

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By Sydnie Balcer

For The Southwestern

The Student Success Center at SWOSU has many resources to help students, and one of the skills they encourage students to develop is time management.

ASSC presentation about time management for students provided tips and resources students can implement into their own routines.

“Students should have a plan for every class,” Dr. Veronica McGowan, activity director in the Student Success Center, said. “Studying often falls by the wayside, so it’s good to plan it out.”

In the presentation, McGowan gave a five-day study-plan as well as a study skills checklist for students to assess their current study skills and where they can improve. In the five-day study plan, there is an example of how a student is recommended to prepare a week in advance. There is also a list for students to fill out after taking a test to help them become more aware of their test-taking weaknesses.

The study skills checklist is a point-based assessment of how well students prepare for their classes. The list includes note-taking and preparation, reading, distractions, scheduling, testing, exams, and writing skills.

Students can access the five-day study plan and the study skills checklist on the Student Success Center’s part of the SWOSU website under “study handouts,” along with lots of other handouts and resources.

McGowan also talked about tips to make studying less stressful for students. “Just set aside some time to plan out a study plan for each week.”

McGowan also recommended that students build in reward systems for themselves when studying. A specific tip McGowan gave was to place Hershey’s Kisses on each section of the text and to eat them after reading the sections.

According to the study “The Impact of Time Management on the Students’ Academic Achievements,” conducted by Gormal University business professor Muhammad Saqib Khan, “time management is highly related to the academic performance of the university students. … Our research study has shown that successful students are good time managers.”

Purdue University also offers tips for students with time management, such as creating to-do lists, establishing routines, using breaks wisely and taking time off.

For more information and resources for student success at SWOSU, contact McGowan at veronica.mcgowan@swosu.edu.

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