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Support for 220 students from 35 countries: The International Office

Updated: Jan 19

By Wilbur Young

For The Southwestern

SWOSU's International Student Department is also known as the Office of International Student Affairs.

The ISA was established on campus to support all international students throughout their relationship with the university from admissions to graduation and beyond.

SWOSU currently has 220 international students representing 35 countries from around the world. International students travel long ways from home dealing with a lot of changes to their everyday life.

As these students are facing challenges with being away from home and family, SWOSU’s international department provides arrival information for the students and parents. The goal of providing this arrival information for the students and parents is to create a smooth transition for students while parents are aware of their child's travel plans.

Arrival information for international students is located on the SWOSU webpage, which contains important information such as travel plans, health immunizations, accommodations, and weather conditions.

Travel plans for the students include the option to make your own pick up plans from the airport or the option to be picked up by the SWOSU international department where they will travel back to the university.

International students also have the option to live on or off campus prior to arriving. Most international students choose to live on campus because the transition is much easier.

The International Students Department also makes sure all international students are healthy by requiring them to submit documents showing that they have received immunizations and medical tests.

SWOSU requires all international students to maintain health insurance. All international students are automatically enrolled in and charged a premium SWOSU school sponsored plan. The SWOSU sponsored health insurance plan, managed by ISO student health insurance, is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for international students at an affordable rate.

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