• Greydon Buhlig

SWOSU Athletics update with Doug Self

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

By Greydon Buhlig

Sports Editor

The SWOSU Athletics department has been in somewhat of a different state with no sports currently competing on the Southwestern campus. Sports Information Director, Doug Self, said that he has been impressed with how the staff and the coaches have responded in the wake of a new era of sports. 

“The most impressive part, to me,” commented Self, “has been the level of buy-in from our coaches, which has then also been followed by their teams.” 

Right now, the fall sports teams are well into their seasons. Normally, the football team would be in the early stages of the season, the volleyball team would have also been in the middle of theirs. Both men’s and women’s basketball teams would be in the early stages of the preseason, along with baseball, softball, soccer and other sports here on campus. But in the wake of this virus, the teams and athletic staff have been in almost a maintenance mode. Self mentioned that the coaching staffs are doing an excellent job at keeping their athletes safe, while also preparing for a potential spring season. 

“Everybody has treated the situation seriously and committed to doing their part to make sure we can come out of this pandemic in a position where we are ready to move forward and thrive in the future,” said Self. 

In Self’s department, he told me that they are focused on getting the athletes back to competing when it is safe to do so. Interim Athletic Director, Todd Helton, has been doing the same. Self also stated that he’s been working closer with Helton, helping out in any way possible and that the whole department's main focus is to keeping the athletes safe. 

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