• Sydnie Balcer

SWOSU Career Services in Fall 2020

College students struggling to find jobs amid a global pandemic highlights the benefits of using student career services.

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By Sydnie Balcer

News Reporter

Since COVID-19 caused an economic downturn around the world, many have been left without jobs and desperate for money. While people of all ages have struggled throughout the pandemic so far, one of the prominent demographics hit has been college undergraduates and graduates.

Many colleges, including SWOSU, have career services offices to help students with the many struggles associated with COVID-19 and joining the workforce, whether as full-time employees, part-time employees, or as interns.

According to “The Value of Using Career Services: A Comparison of Users and Non-Users,” a study conducted by the University of Illinois in 2013, the university career center made “a positive difference in undergraduate student’s lives.”

The career services office at SWOSU offers many resources to help students prepare for the workforce. Some of the services they offer include: resume revisions, mock interviews, career fairs, and a career closet - which provides interview and work attire to students who need it at no cost. This resource can take the burden off of students who may be struggling to afford or find clothes as they begin searching for jobs in an unknown situation.

“Honestly, the operation is need-based,” Heather Hummel, coordinator of the career services at SWOSU, said. “They can contact me if they need it, but it’s been slow.”

There is no shortage of clothing available either. Many local businesses within the Weatherford community have donated clothes to the career closet, and because of that, they are not currently accepting further donations.

For more information about the career closet and other career services offered at SWOSU, contact Heather Hummel at 580-774-3233 or at heather.hummel@swosu.edu.

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