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SWOSU Disc Golf Club is looking for new recruits

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

The SWOSU disc golf club, which is affiliated with the Pro Disc Golf Association, was created in 2014. The team was originally led by Austin Hannum, an Oklahoma native and current PDGA player. 

SWOSU Disc Golf Team
The SWOSU Disc Golf won second place at the qualifying tournament in Mt. Vernon, Texas last year. This year they plan to compete in both State and Regional tournaments. Pictured from left to right are Tate Crouch, Zak Stamm, Clayton Ellis and Kody Stewart.

By Wyatt Peterman

For The Southwestern

The team participates in various tournaments throughout the year and is looking for new recruits to compete in the upcoming season.

Zak Stamm, a junior and the team leader gave details on how they placed at the Slingin’ Chains at the Trey Duece Saloon competition in Mt. Vernon, Texas.

“We placed second at the qualifier,” Stamm said, “There was only one bid for a team to go to nationals,” but the team who won first place had previously earned their bid giving SWOSU a spot to advance.

Although 132 teams are recognized throughout the country, only 36 qualify for nationals. Nationals was held at the International Disc Golf Center’s course in Appling, Georgia, 40 minutes from Augusta where the PGA holds the Masters.

“There we didn’t do so hot.” Stamm said, as the team placed last in the tournament. “We should have arrived earlier to practice more, because the size and terrain was so different from our home course.”

This year the team will not be able to attend the national tournament but will instead compete in a newly created state competition in addition to a qualifier held in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Stamm plans to compete solo next year after seeing much potential with a first-place win in a recent tournament. He went into the final round six strokes ahead, and still won by five points.

Korbin Perkey, a senior and two-year veteran of the team said he enjoys the sense of camaraderie among the disc golf community, “I like the fact that everyone is super supportive even if there are mess-ups within the game.”

For anyone interested in joining, the club has an open SWOSU Disc Golf Facebook group page. People can request to join and will be accepted within a few minutes.

The group is open to anyone in the Weatherford area who wants to play disc golf, but tournament players must be enrolled in at least six credit hours to compete in collegiate competitions and teams must consist of exactly four people.

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