• Alexander Shook

What is the SWOSU Honors Program?

By Alexander Shook

For The Southwestern

SWOSU’s Honors Program is designed to give students at the top of their class, whether high school or college, a more challenging and fulfilling curriculum. Alternatively, as their homepage puts it, “the Honors Program embraces the egghead who lives in you.”

Rene Bickle, the Honors Program’s administrative assistant, describes the association as a program designed to help “students with a GPA of 3.5 or better/an ACT score of 28 or better. Here, they can find people of like-minds so they can come together and help each other adapt to school and find [new] interests.”

Students in the Honors Program are granted access to courses modeled after leading universities, but conduced at SWOSU’s affordable tuition. Honors students also gain access to the Honors Building, where students can fully utilize to study for classes, print out materials, or even catch a quick nap. Honors students also get weekly invited to private events such as game nights and movie nights.

“It’s a specialized group for those on the higher end of the grading spectrum. We encourage the Honors students to work together and make the educational experience better for all of them, collectively” Bickle said.

Information on how to apply for the Honors Association can be found on the SWOSU website’s academic page under the “Honors Program” column.

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