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SWOSU Honors Students: Opportunity in Engineering & Technology

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

This is an announcement for all SWOSU Honors Students.

The Rice Center for Engineering Leadership is hosting its 7th Annual OwlSpark Accelerator Program in Houston, Texas.

OwlSpark is a hands-on learning experience designed for students with a passion for entrepreneurship, be it business, technology, you name it.

This year's class is focusing on engineering, where students will be working in teams under the guide of five different expert entrepreneurs, two of which are experts in the fields of technology in engineering. These ranging from Harvard Alumni and MIT engineering leadership specialist Kaz Karwowski to NASA Mission Control Center designer Dr. Tom Kraft.

Other project managers include the founder of premier internet consulting firm Viant Co. Brad Burke, the founder of Arovia mobile tech company Alexander Wesley, and RICE's Associate Director Kerri Smith.

The goal of OwlSpark is to develop leaders. As seen above is the fifth class of OwlSpark from 2017, where the focus was also placed on Engineering and Technology. This fourteen student class achieved a lot over their thirteen week run. These tasks varied from team to team, but they basically had to create their own mock startup company and decide on what kind of platformthey would like to establish for their business. These University students did everything, from choosing their location to their peddled technology to choosing their sector of operation--informational tech, environmental tech, scientific tech, consumer products, healthcare--this list could go on and on, and the program really is versatile enough to help you get some firsthand experience no matter what you throw at it.

As they describe themselves on their facebook page, this program provides a robust curriculum, co-working space, and a diverse mentor network that lasts around 3 months of Summer 2019. Deadlines are due May 3, 2019, which means there isn't much time left. For more information on the program, as well as this rigorous program, visit owlspark.com/apply for yourself. They'll provide you with whatever necessary information you're looking for, as well as give you a good insight as to whether the fields of technology, engineering, and entrepreneurship are right for you!

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