• Rachel Masson

SWOSU is hiring new resident advisors

Updated: May 6

Residence Life Resident Advisor Application Flyer

By Rachel Masson

News Reporters

If a student is living on campus and looking for a job, he or she could get paid to live on campus and have a private room by applying to become a resident advisor for the spring semester.

Jason Barr, assistant director for Residence Life, said that there will be three or four openings in the spring for resident advisors.

“Typically, in the fall, we have more opening because we have people that graduate or people that transfer, whatever the case may be,” Barr said. “But typically, in the spring, from the fall to the spring, we may only have a couple that have to leave.”

A main job for a resident advisor is to help his or her residents get accustomed to the school and to his or her dorm building. Resident advisors are also some of the first people an incoming student will meet while touring the dorm buildings. Another job for resident advisors is that “they are responsible for the safety and well-being of the students on their particular floor.”

“An RA is kind of the liaison between the student and the Resident Life administration,” Barr said. “They are the first line of communication when it comes to problems that may arise.”

Being a resident advisor allows students to experience and learn different skills such as handling stressful situations, learning how to budget for and plan a dorm event, working with and managing a team, dealing with adversity, etc.

“It’s really experiences that you’re just not going to get in the classroom,” Barr said. “Although they (resident advisors) may not work in higher education when they get out of here, the things that they’re going to learn as an RA, the skill set that they’re going to develop as an RA, is something that they’re going to be able to take with them when they leave."

Normally, for a student who wanted to apply to become a resident advisor, they would go through the college job board to apply and submit his or her resume along with a cover letter. However, Barr mentioned that the college job board will be unavailable for students to apply on.

“The school’s in the process of switching between the Bulldog Job Board and moving to something called Handshake, but it’s not ready,” Barr said.

For a student wanting to apply for a resident advisor position, he or she will need to scan the QR code on the application flyers in one of the dorm buildings.

“There are posters and flyers in all the halls with a QR code on it,” Barr said. “They can either scan that QR code or a there's a link they can go to as well. They apply there, they submit a cover letter, they submit a resume, then they fill out the application. But the quickest, easiest way to do it is to scan the QR code that they can find on the poster that’s in all the residence halls.”

Students should apply to become a resident advisor, not only for the work experience, but also because he or she can live on campus for free and get paid to do so.

“I think it is an opportunity to – especially if you really love SWOSU, you love living on campus in that environment – continue living on campus while getting paid,” Barr said. “It’s an opportunity to do something fun and enjoyable, work with your friends, and make a little money doing so. In the end, it is, to me in terms of experience, the best on-campus job that you can have.”

For students who want to apply to become a resident advisor for the spring semester, scan the QR code on the flyers posted up in one of the residence buildings or click this link to submit your resume, cover letter and fill out the application.

Applications are due by Nov. 16, 2020.