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SWOSU Men look to hold #1 spot in Western Division of GAC at SNU

Photo Creds: SWOSU Athletics, Klemson Lancaster

By Greydon Buhlig

Sports Editor

The SWOSU Men basketball team looks to get back on the court to face Southern Nazarene in Bethany, Okla. this evening. They are currently 2-0 on the season and it is the first time since 2012 for such an accomplishment. This is what the Dawgs have been hoping for since head coach Terry Evans was brought on 3 seasons ago, and they are finally seeing it come to fruition.

The Bulldogs are being led in the scoring column by Tauriawn Knight who is averaging 25 points per game. Damion Thornton is continuing his great scoring from a year ago, averaging 21 points and scoring efficiently with 63.6% from the floor. Thornton is getting it done everywhere it seems, as he is averaging 14 rebounds per game with 3.5 of them being offensive rebounds.

This team has played very well to start the season, but one thing that Evans wants to see is his team containing the basketball. There were too many times that his team would allow dribble penetration and kickouts for big 3’s.

Along with containing the basketball, Evans said he wants his players to play better defense for longer periods of time during the game. They wouldn’t allow the other team to score for several minutes, but then allow them to play themselves back into the game.

Pay attention to see if tonight the Dawgs can play better defense.

SNU is 2-1 on the year, losing their last game to East Central 64-72. The Crimson Storm are led by Manny Dixon who is averaging 22 points a game and shooting at a very efficient rate, 58.3%.

SWOSU is ranked #1 in the Western Division of the GAC and SNU is #2. The Dawgs will remain #1 if they can get a win tonight.

The game will start at 7:30 pm following the SWOSU Women’s game.

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