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SWOSU Theatre presents "Rick Lowell, Private Eye"

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The students involved in the play are taking precautions as they rehearse for production nights.

By Kiersten Stone

Campus Life Editor

SWOSU Theatre will be producing the radio drama, "Rick Lowell, Private Eye," by Tony Palermo.

This show will be broadcasted over the radio in collaboration with Wright Radio. There will be no live audience for the show in the theatre.

There are currently no dates set yet for the production. However, it is set to be sometime within the last two weeks of October and the first week of November. Since Wright Radio also covers high school sports, the exact dates for the broadcast are dependent on possible scheduling conflicts with high school football games. The broadcasts are expected to be either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evenings.

The radio drama will feature three different acts. Each week, a new act will be broadcasted.

For those who are interested in tuning in to listen live, the play will be broadcast over Wright Radio's station.

SWOSU Theatre is also hoping to set up a way to record each night and have the recordings available through unlimited downloads. Also, there will possibly be a video recording of the performance that could potentially be accessed as well.

For more information, email Steve Strickler at steve.strickler@swosu.edu.

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