• Kiersten Stone

Talks for Miss SWOSU pageant are now underway

Updated: May 6


By Kiersten Stone

News Reporter

The Miss SWOSU board members will be meeting on March 9 at 1 p.m. in the Presidents Conference Room.

There is a winter webinar on Feb. 29 that they will be going back over and discussing.

They will also cover the possible date and theme of the next Miss SWOSU pageant.

The board will then cover the Miss Oklahoma pageant in June, and help prepare the girls for it. They’ll be helping with resumes, paperwork, clothing choices, photographers, and advertisements.

The board members attend Miss SWOSU to support all SWOSU girls competing. There have previously been four girls win the title who attended SWOSU.

The board members will then close out their meeting by discussing the budget, scheduling appearances, and starting to plan the send-off party for Miss Oklahoma.

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