• Melissa Javorsky

"The Crucible" Costumes to Showcase Students

Updated: Feb 2

SWOSU students Kendra Place, Hannah Detweiler and Payton Phillips can be seen working and displaying costumes for the upcoming production The Crucible. All of the costumes for this show are being constructed by the theater students. Even the wigs are being styled by the students.

Photos: Melissa Javorsky

Photo 1, Payton Phillips sews her costume.

Photo 2, part of the costume for the character Tituba is on display.

Photo 3, another costume is displayed.

Photo 4, Hannah Detweiler fixes one of the wigs to be used for the production.

Photo 5, Kendra Place arranges pieces of jewelry for the production.

Photo 6, three of the costumes for the production are displayed.

Photo 7, Payton Phillips models her costume for the production.

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