• Logan Lassley

The SGA's efforts to get students registered to vote

Updated: May 6

By Logan Lassley

For The Southwestern

The SWOSU Student Government Association held a booth on campus on Sept. 22 to help students register to vote, as well as informing women about how voting can help transform their communities in an attempt to take part in National Voter Registration Day.

Jaycie Brown, the Civic Engagement Chair of the SGA, said, “We participated in the voter registration drive by promoting it through our social media. We have found the best way to grab the students' attention is through social media. We are going to flood our page with information and encourage the student body as much as possible to go out and vote.”

Social media is a big part of a national push for voter registration as well. Hashtags on Twitter like #vote and #voteordie have been used from accounts ranging from the NBA’s official account, former NFL player, Shannon Sharpe, and even Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.

This coming election also marks the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote.

“One of the ways SWOSU SGA has promoted civic engagement on our campus this semester was by handing out free pies at the celebration of 100 years of Women Suffrage Rights,” Brown said. “We used it as another item to attract students to come participate in the event.”

Women earning the right to vote is widely considered the most important milestone in advancing women’s rights. Women have accounted for a slightly higher percentage of voters in every presidential election since Reagan v. Carter in 1980.

The SWOSU SGA’s Twitter account and Instagram are both under the handle @SWOSUSGA.

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