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The SWOSU eSports Arena to be completed in 2021: How can you get involved?

Updated: Apr 30

By Sydnie Balcer

For The Southwestern

SWOSU has been in the process of developing an eSports gaming arena on the SWOSU Weatherford campus, and students can expect its opening sometime in 2021.

SWOSU Dean of Students and eSports Director Joshua Engle is overseeing the completion of the eSports arena, which is under construction in the SWOSU Wellness Center.

While there is no set date on when the eSports arena is supposed to be finished, Engle says that he is hoping it will be done sometime in late March or early April this semester.

Upon completion, Engle is planning to have a COVID-19 sensitive grand opening where the SWOSU community can schedule tours through the arena.

Until the arena is completed, there are SWOSU gaming tournaments being put on every other Friday in the Wellness Center by eSports intern Trevor Welch.

The first gaming tournament was scheduled for Jan. 29 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., required a $2 entry fee, and had board games available in addition to video games. Engle also hopes to have prizes for the winners of the tournaments, such as goodie bags and special SWOSU tokens.

SWOSU is a member of the Oklahoma Association of Collegiate eSports along with 15 other Oklahoma colleges. Through the organization the SWOSU eSports team will host and travel for eSports tournaments that feature games like Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Overwatch: Legendary Edition, League of Legends, and Rocket League.

Tryouts for the SWOSU eSports team are planned to begin in the upcoming weeks for the spring 2021 semester. Engle also plans to have the arena open to the SWOSU student body in addition to those who are on the eSports team.

SWOSU students who are interested in getting involved with the eSports team have a wide variety of opportunities to get involved. In addition to competing, students who are interested in the marketing and management aspects of eSports can contact Engle to see what opportunities are available.

“I have been pleasantly surprised that students from all over campus have asked to help,” Engle said.

Engle is also teaching the first eSports Management course this semester and plans to have the course available to students every spring. The course description on SWOSU Self-Service website says, "The course introduces the development of gaming, its impact on history and its rise to twenty-first century eSports. The course will delve into eSports and gaming history, business concepts required for managing eSports, and career opportunities within the field of eSports."

For more information about the SWOSU eSports arena and team, go to SWOSU eSports website or contact Joshua Engle via phone at (580)-774-3767 or via email at joshua.engle@swosu.edu.

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