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Spring Break is approaching fast - What's your destination?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

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By Kylie Eaton and Johannes Becht

From Friday, March 13, on, college students around the world will head out on Spring Break with the promise of late nights and unlimited sunshine.

Many SWOSU students travel to destinations like South Padre Island, Cancun and even overseas. According to Sunshine Travel Service, over half of Oklahoma college students go to South Padre Island, a town in Texas, this being the No. 1 destination for Oklahoma college students.

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Be safe!

Although, many of these destinations do live up to their name, students should be cautious of their surroundings.

Here are some safety tips from www.fastweb.com to ensure you end up on the news yelling from the beaches instead of yelling from a crime scene.

Stick together

Whether you are headed to the sandy beach or to a wild night club, students should always travel in pairs or in small groups. Traveling in pairs or in a small group makes it harder for criminals or potential perpetrators to harm students. Never leave a friend behind.

Avoid having too much alcohol

Spring break is known by students for its wild parties and alcohol consumption, but having too much alcohol can ruin anytime. You should always be aware of your surroundings when drinking and have friends close by. It’s unlikely students would give up drinking, but students should limit their consumption, especially in public places. Never leave your drink unattended; you never know what people might slip in there.

Protect your money

When going out for the night students should take small amounts of cash. Thieves are always keeping a look-out for students carrying large amounts of money. Credit card information can also be stolen from thieves so only use your credit card at known retailers.

Protect your location

Sharing too much information on social media can endanger you and your friends' safety. Don’t share or tag your location on Facebook or Instagram, this could let predators know your exact location. Instead, save your photos and post them when you get home.

By following these safety tips, students can break away from studies and enjoy spring break vacation.

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