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What happens if a student tests positive for COVID-19?

Dean of Students Joshua Engle.

By Sloane Sivewright

For The Southwestern

An update on student coronavirus reporting has been implemented to ease overall efforts.

A COVID-19 positive test form can be found at the Dean of Students' website where a student will be able to quickly and securely report their results.

“We require students to fill out that form if they test positive,” said Dean of Students Joshua Engle. “If they are exposed, we are recommending they follow the guidance of their health professional or the health department.”

Not only does the form help the Dean of Students with proper COVID-19 reporting, but it also provides specific guidelines for that student to follow. At the end of the form, “They've actually gotten instructions that I've provided, so they know exactly what to do, said Engle.”

A timely submission of the form is imperative to deliver SWOSU students, faculty, and staff case numbers. Submitting a report also ensures that students receive the correct information.

Students who live on campus and test positive do not need to worry. Once the Dean of Students’ office receives a form submission, it will coordinate with the student to make sure proper living arrangements are secured.

“Housing has done an excellent job collaborating with our office to make sure students are getting the support they need,” Engle said.

Students’ professors are informed via email about how long the student will be quarantining and when they can safely return to class. A reminder is promptly added in the email to keep all information confidential.

“At the end of the report, I tell them that my office is going to follow up with their faculty to notify them and excuse their absences.”

Filling out a form as soon as possible also reflects who else should be contacted.

“In that report are all the students who have tested positive, the dates they tested positive, when they started their symptoms, and their contact information. The health department is following up and making sure that students and faculty who need to be notified are being contacted,” Engle pointed out.

Once a student report is sent, the Dean of Students’ office offers the assistance needed and follows up on that individual once a week.

“I think using the form and relying on that form, rather than word of mouth or random emails, has been incredibly helpful. Faculty and staff have been amazing at communicating that to students,” Engle said.

To find the COVID-19 positive test forms, begin at the SWOSU homepage, navigate to current students, scroll to campus services, click Dean of Students, then forms. Any other questions can be answered at 580-774-3767.

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