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What it takes to become the next Miss SWOSU

Updated: Jul 6

By Johannes Becht

News Editor

Current Miss SWOSU Natalee Karcher and Outstanding Teen Peyton Davis just returned from the Miss Oklahoma pageants in Tulsa, but talks for the next Miss SWOSU competition will soon be held.

"The Miss SWOSU Board will be meeting in the next few weeks to set dates for the information meeting and entry deadlines," Miss SWOSU Director Kendra Brown says. The next Miss SWOSU competition will take place on January 29, 2022, in the Fine Arts Center.

But what is required to be selected as the next Miss SWOSU titleholder?

"Miss SWOSU including Outstanding Teen and Little Star is a confident, intelligent role model for others. She helps others and gives back to her community," Brown says.

Miss SWOSU is not only about looks. Besides being attractive, there are a plethora of personality traits which the future titleholder should possess. This includes having a comfortable and commanding presence, being talented, articulated, independent, energetic, charismatic, compassionate, outgoing, cooperative, flexible, punctual, polite, determined, and a proven achiever.

At the same time, she is expected to be humble enough to see herself not as a royalty, but a public servant. Part of the job description of Miss SWOSU is an own community project that reflects her own passions.

Current Miss SWOSU Natalee Karcher focused on health.

Karcher: "I've had the privilege of speaking to many students, clubs, and community organizations about my social impact initiative, 'Positively Healthy: Appreciating Your Healthiest Self.'"

Titleholders serve as SWOSU ambassadors and as representatives of the Miss Southwestern Scholarship Competition and the citizens of Weatherford, OK as well as the Miss America Organization and for her chosen platform.

That means that Miss SWOSU will make appearances and may be asked to host events, speak or share her talent at various events and should be able to function in any of those roles, sometimes without advance notice.

Also, Miss SWOSU must possess talent enough to compete at the state and national level, and although she need not be the most talented candidate overall, she should be willing to work hard and receive additional instruction in order to prepare for Miss Oklahoma and Miss America Competitions.

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