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What the SWOSU administration thinks about lifting the mask mandate

Updated: Apr 6

Photo illustration: Dave Spiess (Unsplash), Johannes Becht
Photo illustration: Dave Spiess (Unsplash), Johannes Becht

By Johannes Becht

News Editor

After a small spike in COVID-19 cases a few weeks ago (see chart), the numbers have been going down a lot at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Only 3 cases were reported by the administration on Tuesday, March 2.

This development goes hand in hand with a national, state, and local trend. Since mid-January, COVID-19 cases are continually dropping.

With COVID-19 numbers on a low level, many students at SWOSU might ask themselves when we finally can get rid of the masks.

"We feel masks have been working and [are] one of the reasons for our low numbers," says Brian Adler, Vice President of Public Relations & Marketing. "At this time, we will maintain the mask policy."

Also, Adler states that the administration "will continue to monitor CDC requirements and recommendations. It is more important than ever that we are more vigilant toward safety precautions."

However, it is unlikely that SWOSU will experience another significant spread of COVID-19 - and there are three reasons for that:

First: With every new wave of COVID-19 cases at SWOSU (see chart), the amount of students, faculty, and staff who got tested positive got lower. It is likely that this trend will continue.

Second: More and more people receive their vaccination, among them first responders, health care workers and members of the National Guard and army. Also, volunteers who help with the vaccination clinic at SWOSU get vaccinated at the end of the day. Some SWOSU students belong to those groups and many of them already received their second dose. Also, Oklahomans under the age of 65 (for example students) with comorbidities can now schedule an appointment to get vaccinated.

Third: A significant amount of the student body has already had COVID-19 at some point, and some develop immunity, at least for some time.

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