• Johannes Becht

What you can expect of the new Alma Mater Merc

Updated: Apr 30

By Johannes Becht

News Editor

Originally, the new Alma Mater Merc store in Mann Hall on the Southwestern Oklahoma State University campus in Weatherford was intended to open by the end of September. Now, Director Ashley Hancock expects the combined SWOSU bookstore and convenience store to open by the end of October / beginning of November.

"We are making sure that everything is done correctly," Hancock said. "But once it gets finished, it's gonna be beautiful."

What exactly has changed? The "C Store" and the bookstore used to be two separate stores. The walls in between were taken down in order to make space for one big store - Alma Mater Merc. It will include the typical "C Store" items, gifts, graduation needs, lab supplies, etc., as well as a lounge area to hang out or study, tables and booths, and a coffee shop.

Moreover, there will be an IT Helpdesk to help SWOSU students with all sorts of technical issues, for example logging in into Single Sign On / Canvas. So far, students had to call the IT Helpdesk in order to reset their password.

However, there is one thing students will hardly find - books. Beginning this semester, Alma Mater Merc has started offering an online book service where students can charge their book expenses directly to their Bursar account - up to $800. Apart from that, the service includes free shipping over $49 and a very good return and refund policy.

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