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Zintellect and SWOSU Offer Opportunities for SWOSU Students

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

SWOSU is offering students a few opportunities over the summer through Zintellect.

Zintellect is a website that offors students off-campus, hands-on learning experiences that suit a variety of majors--engineering, technology, computer science, medical science--all through a slew of government funded organization.

SWOSU is pushing two different opportunities for its students this summer. The first is Oak Ridge's Nuclear Engineering Science Laboratory Synthesis (NESLS) in Tenessee. The research centers around advancements in the fields of using nuclear materials to better our society. This can range from students exploring nuclear security and technology, as well as analyzing and designing systems that will take advantages of nuclear waste. This program also focuses on studying other various fuels, isotopes, and nuclear materials.

The photos above show off the efforts of a previous participant of the program, Leonadi Tjayadi. As a participant held in Oak Ridge's National Laboratory, Tjayadi performed multiple experiments, all done to investigate different materials for fission and fusion reactiors. A more in-depth look on his research projects during his time there involve attempting to explore the defects of modern steels used in these fusion reactors, as well as exploring the airtight nature of many chemical compounds, such as Silicon Carbide, and their effectiveness when used as elements for the containing walls of a reactor like these.

Applications for NESLS are accepted on a semester basis (meaning May 3rd will be the last day that applications will be accepted by SWOSU).

For more details, visit the NESLS program webpage at https://orise.orau.gov/ornl/nesls/, or visit the Zintellect page at https://zintellect.com/Opportunity/Details/ORNL-NESLS-SUMMER2019?fbclid=IwAR0s2lMuNMSoFPiOJtwR7ucQgsbKSHiiverpxZQxJ0xQMNM6mej1pkhlV94

The other program that SWOSU is offering its students is a research study, once again at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This is the Artificial Intelligence Summer Institute (AISI), which is targeting students looking to solve problems in the field of electrical engineering. More specifically, as Dr. Brian Campbell described, those who are accepted will work directly with scientists to "[solve] problems of national and scientific interest, engage in educational and professional development opportunities, explore career opportunities at national laboratories, and interact with and present their research to ORNL's scientists."

As part of the summer institute, students will be organized into teams with diverse educational backgrounds and develop their skills to help solve scientific challenges using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. They will learn from ORNL mentors who have expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning and/or domain sciences such as physics, materials, or biology. Students will participate in educational and professional development seminar series. They will also learn and participate in scientific communication exercises to prepare them for a career in scientific research, including oral and poster presentations and technical reports.

This opportunity is scheduled to run from June 10, 2019 through August 19, 2019. Initial submissions are already due, but they're are still opening available for the program as of this post. Visit https://www.zintellect.com/Opportunity/Details/ORNL-HERE-AISI?fbclid=IwAR2pTV6ilZRWBX3aqytdv79_6fQ6DbLrLiYj32oAxW0TUNZ0jwgsJG0h7nc for more information.

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